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Blue Felt-tip Pen and Blank Sheet of Paper

While we embrace technology – largely the reason we offer reasonable fees to our clients – many of our client initiatives start with simple tools called paper and pen. We let the technology serve us, not we the technology. Our ideas and our visions – whether for corporate identity, creative story platforms or corporate sponsor targets – are the tenets of our comprehensive, results-grabbing work.

Content First, Vehicle Second

We craft messages that harmonize with business and branding objectives. Only after the message is honed can a proper vehicle – amidst the breadth of marketing communication tools – be accurately chosen and employed effectively to generate messaging that sticks with your target audience.

Know-How, Not Know-It-All

Our clients know the inner-workings of their business better than anyone else – hands down. We listen. We collaborate. We don't pontificate. We offer our strong recommendations – not mandates. Our skill-sets in public relations, marketing, graphic design, Web solutions and social marketing enable us to get the job done for our clients – hassle- and ego-free – with spectacular, lasting results.

Loose Lips Sink Ships

While we may orchestrate campaigns to generate "word on the street," there is a time and place for everything. Many times our clients wish us to keep our mouths sealed . . . and we do. Confidence is paramount in the sensitive client-agency relationship; privileged information should stay just that. The release of information and conceptual developments is all about timing and selectivity.

Which is why we encourage our clients to sign non-disclosure agreements with our firm prior to any commencement of work. This process facilitates free information flow and working relationships built on trust. Watt + Company's employees, contracting consultants and vendors are legally bound to our strict confidentiality policies.

We're Explorers + Messengers Who Deal in Ideas

At Watt + Company our stock in trade is creative exploration – taking full advantage of the power of ideas to help you surmount your challenges, take advantage of market opportunities, reach your business objectives and fulfil your dreams for your organization, your products and your services.

We are the messengers to help you get there. We put the premium on creativity, ideas that have practical application and have an immediate impact in your marketplace and with all the audiences you wish to reach. We do so at the highest level of quality and resolution but at surprisingly lower costs than you would incur with traditional agencies.

We do Big League work regionally, nationally and internationally always at a ticket price that you will find affordable and fair. Our virtual approach to our business, with a strong core of talented ongoing WATT staffers in all phases of the PR and marketing field, makes this possible. That's the way we keep our clients and generate new ones.


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